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So many connections to Judaism that I had never considered or knew about. I believe that I am an eastern facing Jew. Thank you!

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Love the connections you are drawing.

I’m definitely a fan of nettles for allergies. Love the additional connections. I’m also curious about hte contrast of nettle and myrtle. At the pshat level I see the spikes vs the smooth — but I’m curious what we might find when we explore the connection of myrtle as the “scent of Eden” and nettle.

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Thank you Ben. You brought me into a world of learning, experience and belief -- through nettles! You added to my own recent study of plants --a stretch for me -- that has also enhanced my connection to faith/Judaism and turned me in the direction of nature-based prayer and meditation. I’m grateful you and Jay have launched your work together. L’chaim! Judy Shanks

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