What is Rabbi & The Herbalist?

Rabbi & The Herbalist is a podcast and newsletter co-hosted by two brothers, one a rabbi and one an herbalist. Together, and with you, we hope to explore the hidden stories germinating at the intersection of Judaism, herbs, and earth-based spirituality.

Who are we?

We grew up in rural Arizona, but this did not keep our parents from immersing us in Jewish stories and tradition. In college our Jewish journeys went down different paths (although we did take one Jewish philosophy class together). Jay fell in love with Jewish text and wanted to dedicate his life to learning and sharing Torah, so he became a rabbi through Hebrew Union College. Ben fell in love with the natural world and the healing power of plants. He began his studies at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and holds an MSc in Clinical Herbalism from Maryland University of Integrative Health. A decade of walking the plant path lead Ben back to Judaism with a thirst to reconnect to the herbal and earth-based traditions of the ancestors.

We both love to teach & write in our respective fields and we’re motivated to bring our worlds together in the belief that our future requires wisdom traditions deeply connected to the natural world.

Jay is currently a rabbi at the Kavana Cooperative in Seattle. Ben serves as co-founder & chief herbalist at Rasa, an adaptogenic coffee alternative company based in Colorado.

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Two brothers exploring the intersection between Jews, herbs, and earth-based spirituality


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